March 24, 2011

This post brought to you by the letters M, B and the numbers 7 and 19.

M is for March. Yep. Several things are great about this month: the arrival of Spring, the ending of Girl Scout cookie season (Hallelujah!) and the anticipation of Spring Break.

B is for ..............birthday. March is BIRTHDAY month in Banjo's world. Here is how the list rolls:


In the space of 19 days, there are, count them, 7 birthdays from V.I.P. in my world.

What does that mean??? Party, party, party! Sounds rough right? Nah. It's good times. Celebrating with the pee-oooohp-les I love.

As the parties commence I will share the festivities with you. There are so many happening this weekend, I am not sure how I will find the time to sleep, let alone purchase the gear that Doodle needs for snow-shoeing in the Olympics next weekend, bathe or grocery shop. So if you see me this weekend and I'm looking a little haggard, keep it to yourself ok?

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