March 1, 2011

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

I LOVE this movie. I really struggle every year with the WHOLE cookie process. Thank goodness CHB is our troop cookie mom, because I think I might actually die if I had to do it myself.

At the end of our "girl scout" year, in June, I had all the girls over from my troop. We ate junk food, we watched this movie, camped on the living room floor and had a great time.

I reminded the girls that while I may be a pain sometimes, even I am not as bad as Velda on her best day!

I secretly want to be Phyllis Neffler. Look at how she takes the uniform and makes it fabulous! She is not afraid to shake things up, and that my friends, is how I work. My best ideas come when I am fired up about something!

And I L-O-V-E Velda. She makes me smile.

Enjoy the link.

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