March 29, 2011

Part weekend.......... take 2

After Friday nights events, I was a little tired to say the least, but I hauled my hung over ass to Zumba Saturday morning just the same. I sweat out all my wine from the night before, or so I like to tell myself.

After Zumba, I rushed home to shower and change and head to Red Robin for lunch with some girlfriends from high school. How easy we all fall back in to sync with each other. Had a great time, and was really nice to see everyone and catch up on the last year!

Headed back home to start "dolling" up for Moxie's birthday party. I had a new dress and some kick ass boots to wear. For those of you who know me, I don't wear dresses very often. I like to be girly, and I have tons of finger bling, chunky bracelets and necklaces, cut headbands and purses, but dresses are not something I wear all the time.

I donned the dress, boots and coordinating jewelry and picked up Moxie. Don't want the birthday girl having to be d.d. for her own party! Sat down with a glass of wine while waiting for PB and his sister (who was coming out with us) to finish getting ready. Picture time commenced, of course.

 PB and I

 Birthday Gurl Moxie Crimefighter! Ahem. Time to go people. We piled in to the truck and headed to the club at the local casino. Which is huge. AND the only place decent within 50 miles to do anything.

We get our table at the Cabaret, sit down and order drinks. The whole clan was there:

Myself and PB
CHB and Bushwacker
Miss Em
PB's sister (who shall be called Snookie) and if you saw her hair that night you would call her that too!
Miss Thang (Moxie's childhood friend)

CHB, Snookie, Miss Thang and I were the wing-men of the night. Time to find something better for Moxie than the bottom of the barrel that has been of late.

The band started up, a R&B band that played everything from 1960 to current; from The Commodore's to Usher. Oncore, check them out. Anyway, the drinks are flowing, the conversation is good and the band is rockin away.

CHB spots a good looking gentleman by the door and says I should go ask him if he is here alone. So, of course I go over. He is flattered, of course, and says he would love to meet the birthday girl. Moxie, meet Bam; Bam, meet Moxie. No joke. This is the dude's actual name. Bam! Ka-pow!

They made small talk for a minute and turns out he was there with a friend but might come over later and say hi. The "friend" he is with is the same "lady" who pitched a 54 year old hissy fit to the ticket gal on the way in because the group next to us had saved an extra bar table next to them. Their friends had just gone out in search of a table and this chic got her panties in a bunch since she didn't have anywhere to set her flat rear, and the ticket gal actually came over and removed the table. Can you believe it? I of course made snarky comments about her all night: she was painted in to her clothes, was like 60 years old and had on way too much make-up. She had definitely been rode hard and put away wet.........

We go sit back down at the table, and the next thing I know, Snookie has drug some  guy over to meet Moxie. This guy is sporting a tangerine colored shirt and a black Fedora. Still not sure what his name is, or how you spell it but he sits down and proceeds to spend the rest of the night at our table.

Miss Em brought a spicy gift for Moxie, which was hysterical! I wish I had a picture of the repulsed look on the faces of PB and Bushwacker. Priceless!

A couple of trips to the dance floor, and a showdown in the bathroom later, we return to our seats to find that Moxie has an extra drink. Apparently Bam sent one over while we were all shaking our groove thing.

As the ladies start to drop like flies, first CHB and then Miss Em, Snookie disappears in to the casino to meet a friend, PB, Miss Thang, Unknown Name guy and I are left at the table. 5 Lemon Drops in to the night,and some groove shakin, my feet are killing me, so PB and I leave Moxie with Miss Thang and Unknown Name guy.

Miss Thang, and I only know this second hand, gives Unknown Name the 3rd degree of questioning after we left. What he does, how he treats women, and a whole bunch of other stuff that would make your mom blush! She of course only wants the best for Moxie, as we all do! The funny thing is, Miss Thang is maybe an inch or two taller than myself, so we are talking 5 foot 2 and full of attitude! (This is why I like her so much!) Miss Thang and Moxie close down the joint, head home to bed and call me in the morning.

I also love to people watch at the club. You see some of the most interesting outfits, watch some of the best men/women jealousy play out, and in general make snotty comments about other women or terrible looking dudes who come and ask you to dance.
What does all of this equal? A great night out on the town with the ladies, some great stories, and 2 new people for Moxie to get to know. Can we party it up or what????

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