March 28, 2011

Party weekend......... take 1

I need a weekend FROM the weekend! I have not partied this much in a weekend in several years and I am feeling tired today...........

Had a celebration for PB's birthday. House full of friends, family and kids; good food; good wine; great company! PB had marinated steaks and chicken the night before, I made some dips and chocolate brownies with caramel, Mr. B brought this YUMMY rice and Mrs. B made her specialty: salad. I know that sounds weird but I swear nobody makes a salad like she does!

I also made carrot cake. Thursday night. Uhhmmm, gross. I have never been a fan but when I asked PB what he wanted for his birthday cake that was the answer. Where do I go for the best recipe? The Internet of course! My work computer and I have a great relationship, and after an hour or so of researching, I came across the recipe that met my specifications. And I had a few.

The cake needed to be moist. Who likes a dry cake? It also needed to have no raisins, coconut, pineapple or nuts in it. You would not believe some of the recipes I saw! I swear some people put everything but the kitchen sink in their carrot cake, maybe in an attempt to disguise the horrid flavor?

I gather up all my ingredients, and call Moxie. I need someone who likes carrot cake to try the batter. Why bother baking it if the batter is nasty? After a hesitant bite, I'm kinda a mess in the kitchen, she approves it for baking. 38 minutes later I pull out the two pans and let them cool. I make the cream cheese frosting from scratch, spread out nicely over the top of the cake and cover. Do you think I remembered to take a picture of it? Hell no........

Party day Friday rolls around and after getting off work, running to three different grocery stores, I am finally at the house. We get started on cooking the steak and chicken (no food pictures this time either, yeah I know I am lame) and then it was time for presents!!!

Now, I have had PB's present for over a month. It has squirreled away in the closet (translation: sitting in a plastic bag on my kitchen table) cause I'm that good!

A couple of months ago, PB and I were at Fred Meyers looking at some baking pans when we passed the aprons. He was lamenting about them never having masculine aprons that weren't cliche: go ahead and Google it. There are some funny ones out there! However, PB was looking for something stylish and functional that is "family" appropriate.

So, I called my friend Miss Em, who is our resident seamstress and asked for her help. If I could get the fabric picked out, would she be willing to make him an apron? Oh course she said! So I got to work. Picking out the fabric was harder than I thought. I spent a good hour at the fabric store wandering the aisles in complete overload. Before my eyes permanently glossed over I found something I loved, hightailed over to the counter to have it cut and actually breathed a sigh of relief once I was out of the store. I don't have the patience for this kind of thing, can you tell???

I dropped the pattern and fabric off to Miss Em and a week later I brought the apron home. I absolutely loved it! So when it came time to wrap it, I filled the pockets with gadgets and spices and presented it to PB.

 Open it, open it, open it. What is it? What is it? What is it?

MMmm spices......

 Cool new spatula!

I think the apron looks great on him and it's the perfect size! Man I am good!

There were plenty of other gifts there but THESE were his other favorite!

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