March 2, 2011

Did I read that correctly?

I got an email from HeeHaw last night. He and his bride to be have set the date for the wedding. Yay.

Here is what really got me.

He needs some information from me, because he needs to get one of these:

My assumption is that he needs one in time for his honeymoon, that is gonna happen in about 8 weeks.

So, he asks me for my place of birth.

Now, the first thing I ask him is why he needs his EX-WIFE'S last name, date of birth and place of birth when we are DIVORCED.

The very next question that comes to mind is this: Is he planning on taking the children somewhere without my permission?

I go ahead and ask these. Who cares? By this time I was already 2 glasses of wine in. Liquid courage to the rescue!

HeeHaw responds that, and I quote, "I'm not doing anything fishy" and "we may disagree on a lot of things, but I hope you would know that I would do anything like that with the kids without talking to you first"

Yeah. Ok. Cause we can trust each other so much now that we are divorced. Right.

So I did some research today. AND it so happens, My boss had a passport brochure with her because she needs to renew hers. Guess what question is on there?

Yep. Name of current spouse or most recent spouse, date of birth, place of birth, date married and date widowed or divorced. Weird. Just weird.

Here is what baffles me.

I could see if a WOMAN needed to fill out a section that may pertain to this for the express reason that her name changed. Well, usually.

But why a man needs to? I have no idea. Another great government idea that totally makes me nuts.

Anyway, here was the biggest kicker of them all. AND it didn't even hit me until today.

Henry VIII doesn't even know the city I was born in.

The man I called my HUSBAND for 13 fucking years doesn't even know this one small piece of info about me.

The person I had children with, the man I made a home with, the other half of my relationship for over a decade. Am I being punked?

I was shocked when that little nugget tickled my brain.

My marriage was a lot of things, and perfect certainly wasn't at the top of the list. But, I really thought JAMF would have known this piece of info.

I feel like I wasted 13 years. Did he ever really know who I was or what I was about?

Can I say, it's obvious the relationship was doomed from the beginning and that I am better off today. But I was truly rocked to the core of my black Mary Jane's when this hit me. Just sayin.

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CHB said...

We can safely say he knows your maiden name though!