July 21, 2014

Last relaxing weekend before madness ensues........

I am not sure how many of you know, or care to know, that on the 4th of July 2014 I will be flying to London and Paris. So, of course I am in uber prep mode right now.
I put down the to do lists, and set my frantic-ness aside this past weekend before I left to spend some time on Saturday with HIM. He shall be named NiceGuy for that is TRULY what he is.
We went to lunch at a local brewery, to which I had never been before. Now while I prefer wine, I do enjoy a frosty mug of beer from time to time.
I had a "baby" glass for my second mug, as I didnt want a full glass. Cute right? I am sure if he heard me say that I would get an eye roll. Beer is not cute actually. Beer makes me belch. Just like when I drink soda. I just thought the little mug adorable!   
This is the kind of place where you throw your peanut shells on the floor after you have opened them. It is a little hard to get my brain around it. So I didnt eat any peanuts. Problem solved.

Since this alehouse is right next to the beach, we went for a walk. I caught this photo with my iPhone. Just as a wave crashed on the beach I caught it through the hole in the driftwood. Cool right?

Walked the length of the beach......... Found some pretty rocks I had to take home with me.

Later that night, went out to a bday party at the casino. I know the picture is slightly blurred....... not due to alcohol, well at least not at that moment.

Spent Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing. Which is EXACTLY what I needed. I knew the coming week was going to be nuts. My to do list, and to buy list was longer than my right arm. But I needed this down time. The calm before the storm.

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