July 28, 2014

London Day 3 (part 1)

So pretty much from here on out? Most days are so jam packed full, I will have to split them up, or you could be scrolling through pictures for EVAH. You've been warned.
Its now Sunday morning. We had most of the day to ourselves, before our "program" with the Lodge was to start at 3pm.
The Lodge

Our gaggle of girls, minus one. Always seems to be one in the bathroom!
We explored Hampstead Grove. Found some really cool old buildings.

Too bad they weren't open yet.........

I just loved this sign. Turns out it was the gate to someone's front door........

Completely cliche photo but you know I had to take it!
ERMUHGAWD my first cup of Starbucks coffee! Tastes the same as it does at home.

More exploring.

So turns out this is the Admiral's house from the movie Mary Poppins. You know the one with the cannon on the roof?
Some random letter on the side of a brick wall. Of course Doodle and I posed for this!

As we were exploring, we met a nice lady who lived in this house. She asked where we were from and what we were taking photos of and then invited us on to her patio.

Pond at the Hampstead Heath. In the middle of a busy intersection. It was totally serene too.

Almost every door I saw for a private residence had the doorknob in the middle. Love it!

There is brick EVERYWHERE.

 Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I have never seen it before......
We stumbled upon a street fair, and the girls got a chance to wander around. It was really fun!

 Most every 4th of July we make Paella. We use a paella pan on the bbq, and CHB has described to me how BIG these pans are when done right. When I saw these I was shocked at how big they truly were. If I had somewhere to store this I would totally get this set up.
Beautiful old church.
How quaint!

We opted to not eat at the street fair and instead ducked in to the closest pub we could find. Turns out this place has an interesting history. Check it out:
This brought us up to about 2pm. Stay tuned for London Day 3 (part 2)!

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