July 22, 2014

Across the pond I go..........

I am a world traveler now. Yep. Little 'ol me.

I still shake my head at the fact that I made it to a "bucket list" destination before the age of 65. Honestly. The thought of international travel to me was something I considered to be in my "retirement" years, and I of course never thought I would be able to afford it before then.

Girl Scouts has provided many an opportunity for my daughter, and girls of the world, to do some pretty cool things. Being the leader of Doodle's troop, and the trip chaperone, I got to partake in this journey for a fraction of the cost of trying to plan it alone.

The troop, as well as myself and the other leader, have been fundraising for over 3 years, and it has not always been a cake walk. We have had our ups and downs. But I will tell you this. Speeding down the tarmac towards our destination, made it all worth it.

I have SOOOOOO much I want to share about my trip. I am literally talking the ear off ANYONE who wants to listen. Because I had the BESTEST time EVAH and I got to do and experience some cool shit.
I wanted to pair down what I shared to just a post or two. And then the most brilliant thought came to me:
Genius right? Just remember, you have been warned about the over sharing about to come your way. So no bitching.

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