July 30, 2014

London Day 3 (part 2)

After our morning jaunt around Hampstead Heath, and lunch, we returned to the Lodge. Our program was starting!
We got to know the other girls who were also staying at the Lodge that week. There was a group from California, a group from Montreal and a group from Quebec. As well as the lodge staff: which were from all over the globe: New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Korea.
Our evening outing? None other than the London Eye. Besides the plane ride, this was one of the two things left on my list I was nervous about. I am INCREDIBLY afraid of heights. I have NEVER even been on a Ferris Wheel. How the hell did I think I was going to get on the London Eye? With the help of my buddy Xanax of course!
I popped my pills about an hour before we were to get on the Eye. And then we arrived there.

And I kept looking up, and Up AND UP. My neck starting to hurt from craning to see the top. And I started to panic. My heart was racing. My palms were clammy. I knew I couldn't do it. I was NOT calm enough.
So I stood on the ground, like an idiot, while the other 59 people in my group went up.
See the orange car? That's my girls in there.

I walked to the base of the Eye and took pics of Parliament and Big Ben. It had just stopped raining and the sun was trying to peek out of the clouds.

Here is the orange car on its way down.
Even the monkey got to go along for the ride.

After the ride was over, and everyone shuffled out, we went in to the center and watched a 4D movie. It follows a seagull through the 4 seasons at the Eye. It was really cool!
We got back on the charter bus and wove through town on the way back to the Lodge. The whole time I was weighed down with regret that I could not go up in the Eye. Next time I will take more Xanax.
Something to add to my list to go back and do right? God damn anxiety.

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