July 31, 2014

London Day 4

At breakfast we decided to do the Lodge Challenge, and try the Marmite. Unfamiliar with this particular treat, I stuck my finger in the small heart shaped container and bravely put said finger in my mouth.
Yeah. Never doing THAT again! It tastes what I think rotten soy sauce would taste like.  Apparently, Marmite is the British version of Vegamite. Either way? This girl is NOT a fan.
We completed some morning program, involving the Dove Free Being Me Campaign (check it out here) and popped outside for a group photo before heading out for the day.
Today's adventures started with a ride on the tube. Here is my sweet Doodle and I.

First stop? Kensington Gardens. Which is HUGE.
We ate lunch on the lawn. Which went on for miles, and miles and miles. As we were heading out, I found a champagne cork in the grass. Of course, like any good crafter would, I snatched it up and brought it home with me. Even though I didn't get to drink the champagne myself (damnit) I knew it would be a fun momento of my trip.
We walked by the museum that held the Queen's clothing over the years, and along the backside of Kensington Palace, where Prince William, Kate and Baby George live. There was a helicopter that went over us, and we all wondered what member of the royal family was inside.
Monkey and I in front of the statue of the Queen. 
As we walked around the gardens, there were these chairs. Just sitting in the fields. I wondered to myself what they were all about. They struck me as old fashioned..... and then I saw the sign. You could "rent" the chairs to sit in and just enjoy the view. How quaint.

We continued on until I ran across the circle in the path:

For SURE one of the things I most wanted to visit while in London.

Almost there.........

Across the gates from the fountain was this pond and these HUGE swans were hanging out in it.
We are HERE! Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain!!
The fountain was in the shape of an oval, and had water running through it. It also had her dates of birth and death carved in the stone. It was surrounded by lush green grass and a sense of quiet.

I have always thought Princess Di was one of the classiest ladies that I "knew". In a very small group of 3 classy women in my life.
My momma
Princess Di
Kathy Goertzen (local tv anchor)
These women are what I consider to be strong, independent, good role models. And some pretty snappy dressers too.
I took my shoes off and put my feet against the cold stone. Remembering where I was the moment I found out she had died.
I was at my mom's house. Lil C was a baby. We all rushed in to Pops bedroom (the tv was loud enough to hear throughout the house) and watched the live footage of the crash aftermath. For a couple of hours.
It was so sad.
Compared to the other monuments and memorials, this one paled in comparison to other "royalty" and while I logically understand this, emotionally it is a slap in the face to Di and her two boys. I have never been on the Prince Charles bandwagon, even when they were married.
We gathered our stuff and headed out to explore the rest of the gardens.

We saw Prince Albert's memorial. Talk about grandiose. This thing is MASSIVE. His wife, the Queen,  REALLY loved him when he died.
Across the street is the Royal Albert Hall.

This was the portion of the day where we split up the 60 people in to 3 separate groups. You had to decide what museum you wanted to go to. Your choices were:
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Science
Victoria and Albert Museum
Since I could see both history and science AT HOME, I opted for the V&I. Doodle also chose that. And man am I glad I did!
It was a museum of mostly fashion, throughout the ages. There was some cool tapestry and furniture pieces, as well as some stone sculptures.
But I loved seeing the fashion!

As Doodle and I were preparing to meet our group back at the entrance, I spotted THIS. Uhm, holy hell Batman. A real live Chihuly sculpture!

It was MAGNIFICENT! Did you all know that Chihuly has a studio as well as a museum in Seattle? I have been to both. This was SO COOL. The pictures honestly do it NO justice.
After walking ALL DAMN DAY, we hauled our creaky feet to the tube, and prepared to head back to the Lodge.
Our home station for the week we are here........

Another long, exhausting, filled but exciting day entered in the books.

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