July 24, 2014

London Day 1 and Day 2

I will spare you all the boring details, and just say that I made it on the plane. With some help from my friend Xanax. And the monkey. My new travel buddy.

We caught a tail wind on the way to London, so our 9.5 hour flight ended up being only 8.5. Nice! We arrived at Heathrow tired but excited to start our adventure!

After a short ride (READ: white nuckled trying not to watch the bus driver kiss the bumper of every car in front of us upon stopping, and reveling at the phenomenon of driving on the left side of the road while trying to fall asleep from exhaustion) we arrived at the Lodge. 9 people, 9 suitcases, 9 backpacks, 2 frazzled adults and 7 excited girls.

We got our room assignments, dropped our crap, and armed with a loose sense of direction, headed out to explore as we were on our own for dinner that night. We found that we were not far from the Underground, a grocery store and pharmacy, the bank, STARBUCKS (hell to the ya!) and a bunch of places to eat.

We settled on a pizzeria. I actually had a ceaser salad and a damn good cup of espresso.

Damn that coffee was GOOD.
The shared room for Lara and I (my fellow leader and partner in crime for the next 9 days)

Thanks to Lara's redneck Girl Scout ingenuity, we made a cross breeze in our hotter than hell room. 2 knee high panty hose tied together, tied to the towel rack. Fucking genius.

Way past my bedtime, I crawled in to bed with my Smash Journal, and wrote down everything I could conceivably remember, with what little brain function I had left.
Lights out London.

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