April 28, 2014

Men are STOOPPIIDD. Period.

That title pretty much says it all right? Ladies, can I get an amen?

Most of you know I am now single, and ready to mingle. This can be a bit of a challenge for me, as I am not a bar fly, and when I do go out, its usually with my ladies and I am playing wing man (however I apparently suck at this lol).

I usually revert to online dating as that seems to be the easiest plan for me, and puts me out there, without having to actually GO out. Now, there have been some crazies...... remember Psycho Boi? Boy wasn't that fun? NOT.

Men say that women are the ones to play games......... let me tell you a little of this about that: I think these men online are sneakier than any woman I know. Granted, I try to only surround myself with good people.

I have had a few messages, a few dates. One guy just stopped talking to me after 4
dates with a lame ass excuse, one guy turned out to be the dad of a school mate of Doodle's (AWKWARD). Its been an entertaining crap shoot to say the least.
Both Moxie and I have had some interesting conversations AND revelations about our ex's, and about the men we have met online. Here is the conclusion we have come to: MEN are fucking stupid! Seriously. I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but neither am I the dullest knife in the drawer. When you tell me something, and I found out the exact opposite, or that you deliberately deceived me or omitted the truth? I WILL FIND OUT. I am not stupid, even though there are times I would be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a man. Even IF they don't DESERVE it.
Why can't MEN be HONEST with a girl? Whether in a relationship, or when you break up...... why does there have to be lies? And cruelty? Last time I checked, we were all adults....... so why do the men get to be so damn nasty? Granted, most people tend to lash out when they are hurt this way, but at what point do they have to take responsibility for being an ass? EVER?
Here is another thing I don't get: I am a woman who doesn't play games. Seriously. For almost EVERYTHING, what you see is what you GET with me. I know Moxie to be the same way. So, why can't guys do that too? I know we can not be the only single ladies asking this question. If a man meets a beautiful woman, they become intimate, and the next morning he has no clue who is waking up to, does he feel deceived? Once the make up has worn off, the Spanx sit crumpled in a puddle on the floor, the push up bra is gone to reveal boobs that sag in to her armpits and the hair extensions are hanging on by a small thread........
I think the same holds true for girls who go out with a guy who in the beginning, says ALL the right hings. To find out 5 or 6 dates later, he was a COMPLETE asshole and a waste of her time. Do we feel deceived? Hell yeah!
I am SO tired of the run around. At my age, I want some very simple things in an intimate relationship. Here they are:
Good looking (at least to me)
Is that too much to ask? Sometimes I feel like I am shooting for the moon when I look for these qualities. I don't want to have more kids, and I don't want to parent someone else's (I have my own parenting to do). I find that I have less and less tolerance for men when something feels fishy.
I just don't have the time or the energy to put in to a relationship that is half assed. I have learned my lesson, and know that I AM better than that. I know I deserve better. A relationship does NOT define me, but I don't want to be alone forever either. There has got to be MORE than what I see. Please tell me there is.
Until then, the ladies and I will continue to raise out glasses at Friday Night Wine Club and enjoy ourselves........... with or without a man!

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Nicole Carter said...

The guy you are describing does exist and is out there waiting. It sounds like you need to be a little less trusting a day a little more protecting in order to ensure you don't get screwed over. I'd be happy to wingman for ya, I'm really good at being a bitch, which makes it easy to weed out the assholes. You need to meet Colin though and maybe he can give you a good guys insight to how things work and how he got me to settle down. He's honestly the sweetest guy I've ever met and that terrified me, it still does sometimes but I am much happier with him, every day, all day. It happens when you least expect it. You deserve happiness. :)