April 3, 2014

March Madness 2014

Dear Readers,
There is so much that has happened in the last 2 months that I could not even begin to explain. So in the interest of not boring you to death with all the mundane details, which may cause you to gouge your own eyes out and/or start drinking IMMEDIATELY, I have decided to show you what I was up to for the month (according to my dear iPhone) and let you draw your own conclusions.
Hot Chocolate 5k run in downtown Seattle
CHB and I hauling case after case after case of these &%@! damn  cookies
Ladies Night Shots (Good 'ole Moonshine)
Downtown Seattle selling cookies with my girls
My wrist injury (from hauling said cookies)
Which led to a LOT of this.....
Corned Beef in the crock pot for St Patricks Day
Flowers from a sweet friend
80's Dance Night at the elementary school
Doodle at the roller rink (celebrating HOW's 11th bday)
At Red Robin to celebrate Bushwacker's bday
After a few glasses of wine, CHB and I were craving sweets. So we made a late night run to the convenience store. (Slow your roll..... Bushwacker drove us) Here is what CHB wore:
This is what I came home with:
Impromptu birthday lunch at Haggens for Sushi Wednesday
My current favorite song
The "old" hood got together and as you can see, things went south quickly.....
I did the 2014 Winter Challenge after being nominated byDoodle. It was fucking COLD.  

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