April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Had my cherubs for Easter this year. Kiddos opened their Easter baskets first thing in the morning.
Here is mine........ all the leftovers.
The table was set for dinner, minus the silverware. Jumped the gun a little in this photo huh?
Lil C and Doodle also added to my "basket" of goodies with my FAVORITE Easter treat!
Lil C had to head off to work (oh, the horrors of working retail). Doodle and I spent a relaxing morning and early afternoon hanging out.
We finally got dressed about 2pm. Moxie and her chitlins were coming over for dinner.
Moxie brought me Easter treats too! The BEST kind. Coffee and booze and chocolate. I love that woman.
Moxie and her kiddos
Of course it is tradition for Moxie and I to pose together with our wine glasses.....
Here is the DELICIOUS ham I made. All 11.72 pounds of it.
My plate right before I devoured every last bite.
Yummy dessert cookies and cupcakes made by the girls......
Me and my Doodle
My Lil C and I
I am the shorty here....... love these two SO MUCH.

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