April 10, 2014

Getting old is for the birds........

As you saw from the last post, I managed to hurt my wrist at the beginning of March. What surprised me the most was that I hurt it doing something I do EVERY year. Huh?
For those of you who don't know, I am a Girl Scout leader. As if that job is NOT enough. CHB and I decide to add insult to injury and be the Cookie Managers for ALL of Mtown. Which is THOUSANDS of boxes of cookies. Ugh.
During a routine pickup of approx 200 cases of cookies, I managed to hurt my wrist. I didn't think too much of it and went about my ridiculously busy day. By the end of the day, my wrist was throbbing, and as I sat at CHB's table consoling myself with a glass of vino, she whipped this bad boy out.
The very SECOND I put the brace on, I felt relief. NOT a good sign. So, like any self diagnosed patient, I continued to wear the brace for the next 4 weeks.
Until my wrist started to make a cracking/popping sound. THEN, and only then, did I say it was time to see the ACTUAL doctor.
See? Doesn't look like there is a lot wrong here does there? 
So, I make my appointment, and I haul my arse in to the doctors office. I show him my wrist, demonstrate the popping/cracking noise, and he nods and presses on my wrist in different places. He sends me down to XRay, even though he doesn't think it is broken.
I get the pretty pictures of my wrist taken by this machine:
 The technician asks me if I could be pregnant...... prior to placing the special bib across my waist. I said "HELL NO" but if those special rays from your big machine will ensure that NEVER happens again, I don't want to wear the bib thingy. His look said "no dice"......... damnit. I tried.
After all the pictures are reviewed, it is determined that my wrist is sprained. Great. The good doc gave me some exercises to do, and told me to take ibuprofen. If my wrist does not improve in the next 4 weeks, call. The doc would then set me up for physical therapy.
I also lamented about the brace that I had while I was there. I asked if I could get a shorter one that still supported my wrist, but that didn't hinder damn near every movement. I was given the all clear for that.
I get myself at new brace at the drug store that night. Here she be........

So now I rocking this fashion statement. And it is fucking up my daily movements. BUT, it does make my wrist feel better, so I will do what the good doc says. And TRY to slow down.
Yeah, not gonna happen! This getting old business is totes for the birds.

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