October 11, 2009

Random Musings, Part 2

It was a weekend of highs and lows.
Some of the lows: putting it all out on the line, knowing it will not change anything and at the same time wishing it would change everything.
having to own up to the opinion people have of me since I don't put anything else out there for them to see that I am human too.
having to get up pretty early to go and sit at baseball in the freezing cold.
wanting to not be left out of the things the kids do.
Some of the highs: "knifing" a good friend's front yard while she was home!
having the most awesome friends and world's best bff to pick me up.
cleaning my house after almost 2 weeks of gunk laying around since I was sick.
watching my kids get better every day at the sports they love to play.
knowing I have great support and will make it through this.

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Saralee said...

Just wondering if you are okay? thinking about YOU! Hugs!