October 14, 2009

At War

Yeah, not with anyone else. Just me. Everyone has been there right? Half of your heart says to do THAT and the other half says to do THIS. What up with that? As I try to sift through what is really going on, instead of what I think is going on, I find myself wondering when I will get to the heart of the matter. AND, what if I get there and I don't like what I see or feel?
I think time does wonders for some things, but I wonder what to do until then. You know when you get caught up in the moment, an intense situation, and then later you regret what you said or did? Or you think you were right but there was this or that you would do differently if given the chance?
For now, I just sit and eat chocolate until I find the solution! Chocolate works in mysterious ways I am telling you!

1 comment:

Saralee said...

Take a deep breath . . . get a cup of hot tea and just relax in the moment!Just let the world pass you by even for a few minutes!