October 29, 2009


Seriously. I need a new loop. Got any ideas on how I can turn this crappy loop, that runs non stop in my head, in to something else? Almost anything else would pretty much do.
Then, after we get a new loop, we look at what it will take to be able to shut off the brain at night completely. So my peeps, let the ideas flow. I'll take whatever you got.
Then maybe somebody can explain to me why it is SOOOOOOOOO much easier for men to move on then women. Once that mystery is solved, my world might be a better place.


Lisa said...
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Cha Cha said...

Oh, honey. Grief isn't a competition...which is really too bad, cuz I'm super good at it. Give yourself permission to just experience where you are right now. The crappy part is that if you don't do it now, it will come back to haunt you later.

Take care!