October 6, 2009

Hello? Are you still there?

I bet you thought I was done huh? No new posts in forever..... well here I am. I have not had much to blog about to. Well, not much positive anyway. It is not like there are a lot of people who read it anyway, so I figured I could slide off the grid for a while.
So, I quit smoking. Again. Bad idea. Want to know what it does? It makes you touch down from the denial cloud I had been drifting on in Denial Town. Not a good thing. Then you add that I have been sick since last Wednesday, missed 2 days of work, spent an entire weekend on the couch and can we say: "Pity? party of 1? Your table is ready."
I want to go back to Denial Town. La-La-Land. Not that I don't enjoy Reality, but when you are in Denial Town you can push a lot of crap out of the way and just be in the moment. That is the best part. Nothing bad is happening right? Don't you want to go there with me? How do I get back to there? Can you?
Until I figure that out, I will try and enjoy the crisp fall days, the approach of Halloween and the fact that I am employed and have a roof over my head. Good enough for now. Hopefully I will get around to posting those pics of the projects I worked on over Labor Day Weekend.


Saralee said...

WELCOME back! I've missed your posts!

salmoneggrolls said...

Ditto what Saralee said! Also, you will need to make that "Pity, party of 2" I'm right there with ya sister!