May 17, 2011

Yah, I'm still here.

Under a mountain of stuff left to pack. It feels like every time I walk in the front door, my "stuff" is breeding. It's having reproduction parties while I am at work. Ha! I'm afraid it might swallow me whole one of these afternoons........

I have plenty of boxes. I think. I have lots of bubble wrap and brown paper to wrap precious things in. What I don't have? A lot of time. And as the 31st of May creeps closer and closer and CLOSER my anxiety level is steadily climbing.

This past weekend I spent quite a bit of time at my place Saturday and Sunday. I sold some stuff on Craigslist, hauled out a few bags of trash and recycle, and sent a college student off with some treasures for her first ever apartment, actually a few boxes full!

With the ever present rain we have had, in our dear state of Washington, over the last month, and no that is not an exaggeration, I have not been able to get some of my bigger items out of my place. PB has an uncovered trailer which would be of great use........... if it wasn't down pouring outside every freaking day.

Now, this weekend, when the weather is supposed to be DRY, I am going to be gone on a Girl Scout camping trip. Something we planned WAAAAYYYY back in February. When I didn't know I was moving yet. Nice.

That leaves me down to the wire for next week. Considering I now have exactly 14 days to get my crap out of my place, find a storage unit, sell the rest of my stuff and get it all moved over to PB's. I'm gonna need a miracle to get it all done.

Free time? Yeah, for the next 2 weeks I don't have any. Every night I will be doing something to get ready for this move. Oh joy. I super hate moving.

On another note. Since the weather is on its way to making a turn for the good, like actual sunshine, I have been dragging out my spring clothes. All those cute clothes I bought last spring/summer when I lost all that weight? Most of my tops can no longer fit over my boobs. Hello 10 pounds I have gained! But while I am glad to have my "sisters" back, I am mourning the loss of all those cute clothes..........

I know. Give me a few minutes. I will come up with something else to complain about.

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