May 2, 2011



is for Yummy

There are several things I would categorize as Yummy.

PB's cooking. Pretty much anything the man makes turns to a culinary delight. Yum!

Because eating one of these means I am sitting in front of the campfire with my peeps, enjoying one of the best, gooey, delectable creations........

Kenneth Cole Black

Oh, this smells sooooo Yummy! I am not a fan of men drowning themselves in cologne, like a Jersey Shore Guido. But to smell it lightly as you snuggle up against your main squeeze is oh so good!

 Tim McGraw. Do I really need to say more? Tim, when Faith is done with you, you can come crying to me honey.......
Snuggle Orange Blossom fabric softener. My all time favorite was the Peach Blossom. Guess what? They no longer make it! Just my luck. So I found a good smelling substitute.

What is your definition of Yummy?

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