May 19, 2011

Hindu Wedding

My friend Debbi and I were invited to a traditional Hindu wedding this past Saturday. We don't know the bride that well, we are more acquainted with the groom and his parents.
We loaded up the car with cameras, address and GPS, tunes and away we went! The ceremony was taking place about an hour from where we live.

We arrive at the wedding hall, and walk in to a room full of East Indians, immediately feeling out of place. We sign the registry, get a program, and find a seat. We were 2 out of 6 or 7 Caucasian people in attendance!

Here was a view of the alter before the bride and the groom arrived.

The seats are quickly filling up. We are surrounded by the most beautiful sari's I have ever seen, in every color! Oh, if I could have captured it I would have! Aqua, royal blue, pale pink, deep red, forest green, purple and champagne color exploded all around us.

The groom is escorted in first. then he is blessed by each of the females from the bride's family.

Here is Raj, waiting for his bride.

Here is Priya, escorted in by her brothers.

They placed a lei around each others necks.

Her attendants help make sure that the lei is not caught on her beautiful scarf.
One of the grooms attendants carries a satin bag of puffed rice. He places some in the hands of the bride and groom. Who then place it in to the ceremonial fire.

They lead each other around the fire, the bride leading 3 times and the groom leading 4 times.

After a few more rituals, these gorgeous chairs are set out for the bride and groom to sit on and have their pictures taken with their friends and family.

Finally, all the pomp and circumstance is over and the happy couple is free to relax and enjoy!

All in all, Debbi and I had a great time! There were so many differences in this wedding. Things I had no exposure to before. The entire ceremony was in Hindu. People ate, laughed, talked and got up and walked around WHILE the ceremony was taking place.

The ceremony itself was 2 hours and 15 minutes. And it is totally a family affair. All of the wedding party was family.

If you ever get the chance to go to a Hindu wedding, do it! I had so much fun!

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