June 14, 2013

May 2013 In Review

I can not believe May is already gone. As I write this today, it is damn near halfway through June. Seriously. I need time to stop for a couple of weeks. Anyone know how to make that happen?
My ficus tree Angus is
NOT happy with me, the move, or the change in the weather.
My race bib for the FlyDay 5k. Ran the 3.1 miles in my best time ever........ 36.06

JGurl and I before the race

Pedicure and TEVA sandal tan line

Music Man (new boyfriend :), more on that later) and I from Memorial Day camping trip

Nice waterfall at camping location

Rough day for Moxie. The only way to solve it? Wine, lots and lots of wine

Beautiful flowers from my friend Michelle's garden

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