June 18, 2013

Doodle turns 14

It was my sweet Doodle's birthday last week. I can not believe that my BABY, my YOUNGEST child, my last born, is now 14.
Where did the time go?
This was the year to have a party at HeeHaw's house, so we have a very low key celebration.
I took the day off work.
Doodle went to school for 2 hours, since it was the last day.
I made her cake, and finished wrapping her presents. This was after going to 3, yes 3, different Claire's stores to find the purse she wanted. Only to find out that is it ONLY online. Ugh.
Made her favorite dinner, Parmesan Chicken, with french bread and a green salad.
Earlier in the day, she asked if her friend PIA could spend the night. No prob. So, after dinner, the girls went to the carnival (big deal here in Mtown). It happens to be in our backyard. Literally. Just on the other side of the fence.
Well, they ran in to another friend there, and of course invited her to spend the night.
When they were all settled in for the night, we did cake and ice cream.
Of course we had to use THE Birthday Plate. The one we have used in my family as far back as I can remember.
When I was at the mall earlier in the day, I got a couple of gumballs so I could adorn the top of the "Big" cupcake properly.
Because I am mother of the year, I forgot the birthday candles. We improvised.
Mmmmm, Doodle's favorite. French Vanilla Ice Cream.
Modeling some of her gifts......
What a ham she is!
The loot!

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