June 24, 2013

Lies, Deceit and Manipulation

Let's start with the facts, shall we?
PB re-married his ex wife last week. YES, you read that correctly. Just 4 short months AFTER we broke up.
Lets just take a moment and marinate in that, shall we?
It has come to my attention that people are confused by how I feel, so let me be PERFECTLY clear.
I am 100% OK with the fact that PB got re-married. I wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world, and I hope that they both find what they are looking for in and with each other. 
So, why the blog post about it? Why have any feelings at all about the situation at all, you ask? Let me tell ya.
I will admit to feeling some initial SHOCK when I heard the news, but deep down I KNEW this was coming.
See, here's what you don't know. Things have been in motion on this for a while. Hindsight being the 20/20 vision that it is, I SHOULD have seen the red flags, the warning signs, the proceed with caution directives. I CHOSE to ignore them, and for that, I take ownership.
What pisses me off the MOST? The level at which the deception was carried out. Had PB said to me "I want to break up with you, I want you out of my house, I want to move on" or ANYTHING to the like, I would have been out of there as quickly as possible. As it was, when the shit rolled down hill, I was packed and moved out of there in 12 days without a backwards glance.
Why did PB FEEL the need to continue to lie to me? If he wasn't happy with me, or his life with me, why pretend that he was?
Why, AS SOON as I move out, did PB COMPLETELY renovate his home? Telling me that he had been wanting to get new carpet, furniture, re-paint the interior and get new appliances for a long time. When the REALITY of the situation was PB was preparing for ex wifey to move in LONG BEFORE I EVER moved out. Under the guise that the duplex ex wifey was renting was being sold and she had NOWHERE to go. Yeah, RIGHT. How convenient that I HAPPENED to be leaving. And she was in 21 days later.
I could give you SO MANY examples, (seriously) but I'm TRYING to take the high road here. Shocking, I know.
I am IRRITATED that I was lied to, deceived, manipulated and conned. THAT'S why I have my knickers in a twist. I talk about it because I am still SHOCKED at how far they BOTH went to deceive me, and how the wool was pulled over my eyes SO WELL. I can't believe all the SHIT I fell for. Or let happen because I didn't FEEL it was my place to say anything. I have never considered myself to be a naive person........ guess I am more than I would like to admit. 
So, for those of you out there reading this, ESPECIALLY the ones that don't know me as well, please take a moment to let what I have shared with you sink in. You are getting the information DIRECTLY from the source, so there should be no reason to misinterpret what I am saying. If you have questions, ask ME instead of ASSUMING you know how I think, or how I feel.
I am not now, now will I ever be, sad/hurt/disappointed that PB and ex wifey got married. It was obviously NOT the right relationship for me, and I have NO hard feelings. I have learned a valuable lesson from this, and will NOT repeat the same mistakes. Chalk it up to experience.
That is all for now.

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