July 12, 2012

Teenage boys smell. BAD.

Something had to be done with the pit we called the boys room.

Every time you walked in after the door had been closed for a while you got hit right between the eyeballs with the smell of dirty sweat socks, sweaty jockstrap and B.O. Gross.

So, I took over. Literally.

I had a "brief" (less than 30 seconds) conversation with Big C about what he would like to see in the room. Surprise surprise. He didn't care. His only request was.............. to have the tv mounted on the wall. Check.

The room was painted this god-awful color. The best way to describe this? The color of baby diarrhea. Like the kind you fake at a baby shower when you play the melted candy bar game? Except without the sweet smell.

I knew what color I had in mind. I bought a gallon of paint, painters tape, brushes, rollers, trays and drop cloths. I was ready.

I had been collecting idea on Pinterest for a while now. I knew the floor plan I wanted, and on rainy Saturday, I got to work.

The room got painted "khaki". MUCH, much better.

Bed pushed up against the wall. Fridge and shelves against the far corner. Closet doors fixed.

First project:

3 cans of spray paint, a MONTH of collecting any kind of cap I could get my hands on and here is MINE:

I know it looks a little crooked in the picture, but I am SUPER happy with how it turned out! Pinterest success!

With all the vinyl letters I had, I was able to do my own twist and make this: 

Here it is on the wall, with the bottle cap flag. I know! It looks crooked! But, it was the angle I took the stupid picture at! Pinterest success!

 Also got the Seahawks stuff on the wall too.....

I took the pre-cut cork board squares, spray painted them, and hung them on the wall between the closet doors. Serves a dual purpose. Design looks great, AND the boys won't put a lot of holes in the wall to tack stuff up!

 Wooden letters spray painted above wach closet door.....

I pulled out all the baseball references I could!

As we make our way through the Pinterest highway, we are on to the next project:

And........... here is MINE! Pinterest success!

I even replaced the top drawer pulls with the little baseballs for extra fun!

TV mounted on the wall!

Garden Chick went to the Mariners game and brought back 3 of these little hats. So, I mounted them above the window.

Some little baseball gel clings to liven up the side of the mini fridge.

And, the boys love it! Yay! I was very nervous they would think it was stupid. But, they thought it was "sick" and that their room had "swag" (all good things, so I've been told!)

Here is what is left to do:


That's 2 happy boys, a happy DIY'er and a WAY better looking room!

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Heidi Millerick said...

Nice job Mom!!! the boys' room looks amazing!!