July 6, 2012

Education vs. Technology

I have been thinking on this post for a few days now.

I wasn't quite sure I could pinpoint what I was feeling, what I should share, or how I should share it. Here goes:

Lil C is going to be a Junior in high school this fall. Due to a horrific Freshman year, he failed BOTH a Math and a Science credit. Ouch.

Sophomore year, we fared slightly better. Until the last month of school. And that Math grade wasn't coming up. Lil C assured me he had turned in all assignments and that was all he could do to get that grade up.

I called the school counselor Tuesday, asking for information about the summer school program. I also asked if the school had sent home anything about summer school? As a matter of fact they did. 2 months ago. All that mail went to HeeHaw's house, so I never saw it. I had the counselor send the permission slip for summer school home with Lil C, got the breakdown of cost, and was reminded that the forms needed to be turned in NO LATER THAN FRIDAY of the same week.

I called HeeHaw to let him know. Gave him the cost, the times, all the pertinent info. I even offered to go 50/50 on the cost, which is something I NEVER do. I am only supposed to pay 32%, and he is to pay 68%. So, offering 50/50 is a BIG deal. HeeHaw let me know that was a lot to come up with in a few days time, but he would get back to me.

So, I pulled my money aside, preparing myself to pay my 50% of the bill in 3 days time.

Friday comes and goes. No word from HeeHaw about summer school.

I knew it might come to this, and had already prepared for this situation. I had asked the counselor earlier in the week if a summer school registration could be turned in Monday, the last day of school. I was told yes, as the program was not 100% full.

Sunday Lil C asked me about summer school. I politely told him that I was waiting for his dad to pay his half, and I would GLADLY get that paperwork handled. Stat.

Monday comes and goes, no mention of it at all.

And here we are, 2 weeks later. Guess what folks? Summer school would have already been over and done with as of the 3rd.

Lil C would not be BEHIND starting out his Junior year. Sad.

I know its not the end of the world, as there are several options out there to make up those classes.

So why was I upset about it?

I heard that HeeHaw bought LL an iPad for her birthday.

So, HeeHaw can't afford summer school, but he can afford a lavish gift for his wife? I don't care if he got an amazing deal on the damn thing. If he put ANY money out of pocket to buy it, that's money that could have went to our sons education.

Oh wait. I forgot. I am just supposed to pay for everything, since I make SO much more than HeeHaw (heavy on the sarcasm) and wait for HeeHaw to decide if he wants to pay me back, and how much.

I had even offered to pay it IN FULL, (an offer I never make) if he would be willing to pay me back within 2 weeks. Guess he needed to save all his pennies for the new gadget. I'm sure that it will "aid" in Lil C's education though. That's about the only way I could see that he could rationalize his way out of this one.

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