July 26, 2012

Another Pinterest Success!

Well, I did it.

I found yet ANOTHER recipe on Pinterest that I HAD to make.

Here is what caught my eye:
Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps

Can I just say that I wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth when I saw this? After reading the recipe I KNEW this was something I could do.

Bonus? I found out it's actually a Paula Deen recipe? Double bonus? PB LOVES her recipes!

 So I took my cubed chicken. Or close enough.  

 Mixed the spices up and set aside.

Wrapped each piece of chicken with a slice of bacon then put a toothpick in to secure it.

Dredge through spice mixture and place on the pan.

 Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
O.M.G. these are SO good! The smells that come out of the oven make you salivate as you wait for them to finish cooking but the wait is COMPLETELY worth it! Pinterest success!

Not the best picture, but the chicken was paired with Cesar salad, whole wheat Parmesan bread and a TALL glass of Merlot. Yum!
The kids loved it, PB loved it, and I even took some to work to share with the ladies who loved it! Definitely added to the recipe book for parties and holidays!

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