July 24, 2012

Anniversary Road trip

PB and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last week by taking a road trip. 2 years....... man the time has flown by. Seriously.

We headed out on Sunday, towards Salem Oregon. My mom lives there, and while I would not normally include my mother on a romantic anniversary trip, it was quite necessary!

Last time we went to Salem, we missed out on going to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Who cares right? Well, PB does! This museum is the home of the Spruce Goose. Heard of it? Ever seen the movie The Aviator? With Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo Dicaprio plays Howard Hughes. The inventor and engineer behind the Spruce Goose. More info HERE.  

So, PB and I spent the night with my mom, who lives very close to this museum, and headed out Monday morning to check it out..

It did not disappoint. The thing takes up the whole damn building! Looking back through my 200 some photos, I can't seem to find ONE that captures the size/magnitude/enormity of this aircraft.

Here it is from the back. See all the smaller planes around and underneath it?

PB standing next to it.

The pertinent info
This picture is taken from inside the Spruce Goose, looking towards the tail of the plane. Again, I don't think the picture does it justice.

Taken from underneath ONE side of the plane......

Isn't he cute?

PB and I outside the Space part of the museum.

Again, the picture does it no justice.........
Then we saw this! Holy cow batman, this thing is tall! It's the main body to the rocket launches in to space. Its HUGE.

Here I am looking down at it from 3 flights up.

PB and I got to stand underneath the rockets.

It was pretty cool!

Of course PB had to explore it all......

After 4 hours, yes 4 hours, at both parts of the museum, we hit the road to drive to Lincoln City.

PB and I in the car at a red light.

An hour later, we arrive at our destination. Mo's Famous Chowder! Here we are over looking the water while we eat!

This unfortunate picture was taken by our waiter. I forgot the camera in the car and my feet hurt too bad from all the walking we did earlier to go back and get it, so this is what I am stuck with. "(

The view of the bay right at sunset. So gorgeous, and peaceful.

The next morning, after a rather interesting stay at the hotel (more on that later) we headed up Highway 101 on our way home. I have never made that drive before, and let me tell you! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Made some friends at Rockaway beach, although the most interesting one not pictured. That would be the coke addict we met while I was taking this picture........

The beautiful waves crashing on to the shore........

PB and I's last stop, before we hit the freeway. It was a wonderful 3 days, minus PB's constant toothache and all the traffic we hit on the way down.

So, Happy Anniversary to us! Here is to another great year!

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