April 5, 2012

Lordy, Lordy, Look who's 40!

This handsome, adorable, spunky, hunk-a hunk-a burnin love I call my man has joined the "Over the Hill" crowd! I love this picture! He rarely smiles genuinely for the camera. So, I had to be patient and bide my time, but was rewarded with a 1000 watt smile!

We had a very busy day planned for him. We started out with a family party at PB's mom and dad's house.

I arrived about 30 minutes before PB and Big C (PB's son). Balloons, plates, napkins, cups, banners, candles, funky glasses and buttons. Yeah baby!

PB and his cake. It says "Older than Dirt"......... hahaha! PB's mom picked it out.

PB and Big C. Finally a picture with them both smiling, AND looking at the camera at the same time!

So, this happens every time someone tries to get a picture of PB and I. One of us is talking, looking the wrong way, eyes are closed, you name it.

A couple of tries later...........

Here we are! At a dueling piano bar called Chopstix. Super fun! Check it out, and see if there is one close to you. Two singers who play together, play solo, and invite the audience to request songs. They will celebrate your birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement right along with you!

We has reserved a big table ahead of time and arrived with enough time to do presents and dinner before the show started.

This picture our friend was able to capture with her cell phone. I like it a lot!

Here comes the cake! With 40 candles....... well almost!

Blew them all out at once!

Cake got all cut up and passed out. We were having a little bit of fun at the table.... can you tell?

Obviously by the look on PB's face he was less than impressed. But, he was a good sport about it!

PB, his brother Shawn and his friend Preacher.

I had purchased some fun glasses from the party store, so of course i made everyone put some on and I took their pictures.
After Chopstix, we headed to the casino to finish the night out. Didn't win, but had fun. All in all a great birthday. PB enjoyed himself, and that's all that matters!

Happy, Happy Birthday PB!

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