April 20, 2012

Easter 2012: Picture time

I try, as always, to get some photos from each "event" we go to.

I am usually pretty successful.

Lately, I am not sure what the deal is.

Trying to get PB and Big C to look at the camera, and smile at the SAME time is damn near impossible. This was the best I could do Easter Sunday.

Doodle stole my camera after dinner and snapped a few photos. Here was Lil C immersed in a game on his phone.

  I was caught looking too.....

Look at the concentration on his face!

 Doodle got this picture of the bouquet we brought to PB's mom. Looks like I have a budding photographer on my hands!

Here are my cuties! The sun made an appearance in WA. Since we haven't seen it in a few months, we all basked in the Vitamin D rays beaming down on us.

 My sweet son and I

 Doodle and I

Love the look on her face here!

We had a great, relaxed and enjoyable Easter Sunday!

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