August 2, 2011

The two "B''s

The current two "B"'s in my life: Big Brother and The Bachelorette.

Let's start with The Bachelorette.

Last night was the finale. Needless to say I was disappointed........

I agree that Ashley's sister was harsh, but I think she had a point. She saw an immediate connection between Ashley and Ben, and not between Ashley and J.P.

I was very sad for Ben. I honestly thought that she had a better connection with him. That could be ABC's clever editing, or it could just be that as the end drew closer, I moved from being on Team J.P. to Team Ben. Ben made her laugh. With J.P. it was always so serious.........

As the show came to a close, there were previews for the "Bachelor Pad". OMG spare me. I think I can find SEVERAL other things to do during that time then sit and watch all the scripted drama.

Big Brother time:

Ok, so if you watched last week's episode's, everyone was against Danielle. They all thought she was the one stirring the pot, turning the newbies against the veterans, and making all kinds of side deals.

When she won HOH, I was doing the happy dance? Wanna know why? That means she could try to get out Rachel or Brandon. I want Rachel gone. She drives me up one wall and back down the other!

I now have PB hooked on this show. Do I feel bad that he now is addicted to BB like tv crack? Uhm, no! Even Doodle watches it with us.......

I can't wait to see what happens this week. I love, love, love me some Big Brother.........

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