August 19, 2011

Lil C and the big 1-5

I am feeling really old.

Lil C just had a birthday.

He turned 15. The big 1-5. A decade and a half. Oi.

He was very specific this year on what he wanted.

He had been bugging me for 2 months before D-day about this bike.

This, my friends, is a Kink 2011 Bike. And unless you have a teenage son? You know nothing about this either! I got schooled, big time, at the bike shop here in Mtown. Apparently I had a lot to learn.......

So, off I go to the shop to pay for it, figure out how to get the thing in the back of my car......... without scratching it up.

The day of his birthday rolls around, and he is presented with the bike. He was very excited!

No pictures of the glorious moment. Since HeeHaw and Lettuce Lady where also present for the bike reveal, I decided against getting their ugly mugs in my son's photo. We can always re-create later if necessary.........

Lil C also wanted to have a co-ed party. I agreed, but I told my hormonally driven boy child that NO girls were allowed to spend the night. They had to leave by 11pm. Period.

Now, when prepping for a teenage party, and a boy at that, I had to be careful. They don't want to play games, have "mommy" hovering over their shoulder, or be told what to do.

Great. What kind of options does that leave me with? Ummmmm, none. So I did what any sane, rational person would do. I hit the grocery store.

I bought:
4 bags of chips
1 tub of Red-Vines
3 cases of pop
2 bags of Pretzels
1 large bag of candy
Red Velvet and Chocolate Cupcakes
4 pizzas
3 orders of bread sticks

Yeah. All of that for 11 teenage kids. Most everything was gone by 11 pm that night. Seriously! I think we had 2 half bags of chips, half a bowl of candy and some Red Vines left. WOW.

Being the kind of mom that I am, no explanation needed, I made them all gather for a photo op. By this time, I could only wrangle 7 of the 11 for a photo.

Trying to get them all to hold still, look at the camera and smile was no small task.

I shoved 15 candles in to the cupcake......... look at all that smoke!

We tried another photo op.......... at least we got 6 of them to smile and face the right way!

I even made Lil C use the "Celebrate" plate. Which I used when I was a kid and it was MY birthday.

This year Lil C asked for a bike. I am sure next year he will ask for a car. Donations and booze will be eagerly accepted from now on. I am going to need it.........

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