August 25, 2011

3 times in 30 days

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have been pulled over............ 3 times in 30 days.

THAT is a new personal record for me.

It all started on July 28th. I was driving to work, gabbing on the phone with Moxie. No, I wasn't holding the phone. I had it on hands free. I leave the house every morning with just enough time to get to work, give or take 4 minutes.

I see the cop heading towards me. He actually looks down at my front license plate, put his head to the side, as if in thought, and then keep driving. Yeah, that didn't last more than a block before I see him, in my rear view mirror, turn around and head my way. Great. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you are getting pulled over. It sucks.

The officer pulls me over. He walks up to my car and does the whole "Do you know why you are being pulled over?" routine. I reply no and proceeds to let me know I have a rear tail light out. Ok........ and then he tells me I need to have a regular front plate. He actually asks me what the license plate says. Instead of walking around to the front of the car to see for himself.

I give him my license, registration and insurance card. He gives me a warning, tells me to get the regular license plate on the front of my car and away I go. Of course I post all over facebook after I get to work........ The funny thing was, I was actually considering taking the license plate down. I have had it on my car for 2 years, and it is pretty faded now.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I was just leaving work, early, because I had a terrible cold. I'm on the way home, and I get pulled over AGAIN! The cop comes up to my window, and as I roll down my window, I proceed to sneeze, wipe my nose, hack, cough and wheeze all over him.

He was less than impressed.......... again I have to furnish my license, registration and insurance info. Well, since the last time I got pulled over, I cant find my registration. Anywhere. Trust me. I have looked everywhere. I tore the car apart. No luck.

So, here I am, explaining my lack of registration papers. He says ok, tells me about the tail light out, and sends me on my way. No word about the license plate. So, sick as a dog, I go to the auto parts store to get the stupid tail light.

Fast forward once again to yesterday. I'm driving home from work, and I get pulled over. This is starting to get old...... guess who comes to my window? The same cop from 2 weeks ago. Just my luck.

I explain, once again, about not being able to find my registration. Except this time, I let him know that in 6 days I am going to renew the tabs and get a new registration. He asks me about the front plate, I said that since he pulled me over 2 weeks ago, I have been looking for the front license plate EVERYWHERE and I cant find it. I have a legitimate excuse....... I just moved not too long ago.

He tells me I need to go to the license plate stat, pay for my tab renewal AND new license plates because if he sees me again I will get a ticket. Damn. Guess I better get that done huh?

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Saralee said...

I think that cop has the hots for YOU! He would like himself a piece of "The Wicked Witch!"

Don't say you weren't warned!! LOL