August 1, 2011

School Board Elections.........and the people who should be disqualified

A public service announcement to all who live in my town. Good 'ol M-town.

For the love of everything holy, please do NOT throw away your Official Local Voters' Pamphlet. I beg of you.

Instead, turn to page 14, and check out the third candidate running for a School District Board position.

Now, for the back story.

When HeeHaw and I, and our two little cherubs moved to M-town in 2001, we specifically picked a cul-de-sac and family friendly neighborhood.

As we settled in to suburbia, I became involved with the ladies from the neighborhood. We all had kids around the same age, and naturally bonds started to form. 

On our little street, branched off from the main drag of our neighborhood, were 3 families. Ours, the Hansen's and Miss Em's family. Everyone else was on the main street, but we all knew each other.

Not too long after HeeHaw and I settled in, there was a change of "wives" at the Hansen household. I knew very little of the wife leaving, but the other ladies in the neighborhood were sad to see her go.

Not even 3 months later, the new girlfriend moves in. By this time summer rolled around, 6 months later, all the families were having backyard bbq's, Friday night get together's and so on.

Over the next 2 years, we became a tight knit community. We hosted neighborhood 4th of July parties, neighborhood Easter Egg hunt's, and all the kids were all invited to each other's birthday parties, sleepovers, etc.

About this time, it was apparent that none of us, CHB, Miss Em, Mrs. Sea, Moxie, wanted to get to know Mr. Hansen's new wife(yes, by now they were married). She had a son, and he split time 1/2 and 1/2 with his father, so he didn't go to the same school's as the other kids.

Whenever we would invite the new Mrs. Hansen to functions, she always declined. So we stopped inviting. This went on for a few years, and you could actually feel the hostility build up between the houses.

In 2007/2008 it reached a boiling point for me. HeeHaw no longer wanted to hang out with CHB and her family, but only wanted to do things with the Hansen's, and another family, the Neumann's. Between these two families, neither of the husband's were men I could relate to.

Mike (Mr. Hansen) and Rich (Mr. Neumann) were two of the most chauvinistic men I had ever met. I can't even tell you how many times I heard "Woman, get me a beer. Woman, I'm hungry, get me a plate. Woman, take care of these kids. Woman, get my friend's something to drink."

Are you barfing yet? Now, for those of you who know me well, you know this didn't sit right with me. I am an independent woman. I work outside the home, I have an opinion, and I am not your slave. These two men? Well, they think every woman ought to be at their beck and call, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and have dinner on the table when they get home from work.

I told both of these men on several occasions that my name is not now, nor has it even been "woman". If they wanted to continue to call me that I would reciprocate and call them both "ass". Well, push finally came to shove, between HeeHaw and I and I laid it all out on the line.

If he wanted to hang out with these two bastards, have at it. I however, couldn't stomach being around either of them, and most certainly did not want either of my children to think this was the right way to treat a woman.

Although it created a lot of strain on our marriage, HeeHaw continued to hang out with then. I did not. Until 4th of July 2007.

The Hansen's did a huge display of fireworks every year. It would last 45-50 minutes, and the mess left behind was HUGE. The next morning, Mike would hide inside, sleeping off his hang over, and the rest of us in the cul-de-sac of three houses, were out there for 3-4 hours cleaning up the mess. Awesome.

Well, this particular year was no different. The men had too much to drink, there were angry words exchanged, and the next thing you know? They are coming to blows in front of all the kids. I ushered all the kids, theirs, mine and anyone else's in to my house to avoid seeing an altercation.

Everyone went home to their respective houses, and by the next day, the emails started to fly. Mike took this opportunity to remind CHB, Miss Em and myself of how we had excluded his "new" wife from all of our activities, and how we never included their kids in anything we did.

The words flew back and forth, for a few days, with all families copied on each email. It finally got to the point we stopped responding. Then, a few days later......... what is HeeHaw doing? He is over there again all buddy-buddy with Mike and Rich.

The men who called me "woman" and disregarded anything I had to say. The men who talked down to me, accused me of being bitchy, exclusive and never being nice or including their wives in anything the other ladies and I did.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. HeeHaw took the "high" road and sided with those men. Seriously?

Well, a divorce and a few years later, Mike has escalated the problem. Now, his children are not allowed to talk to the "offenders" in the neighborhood. Their 16 year old daughter is not to babysit for our kids, hang out with us, or be seen with us.

Mike has called myself and the other ladies degrading names in front of the kids as well. So much so that CHB's daughter came tearing around the house when she heard it ready to defend her mother's honor.

And now, I beg of you. Please, do not vote for this chauvinistic, egotistical, pathetic excuse of a man. He has no business being involved in YOUR children's education. He is not going to make it better. He is going to make it worse.

He should be disqualified. I am not kidding. He is a terrible example of a good father, or a family man. Consider the pot stirred. Now, go back and read the bio on page 14.

Do you need a napkin to wipe the bile residue from the corner of your mouth? Thought so.

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