June 24, 2011

Mommy Dearest

Something is wrong with the world around us. Everywhere I turn lately, there is another story popping up of a young mother who has killed her child.

Of course, getting the most news coverage right now is the Casey Anthony case. That she could murder her daughter, cover it up and go out like nothing happened, makes me sick. I think there are a few screws loose with this lady. That does not negate the fact that she KILLED her own child, so go ahead and throw the book at her.

Here is an even more disturbing story. I stumbled across this story this morning:

How could a mom do this? How could any parent do this to their own flesh and blood? It surprises me that these woman are seriously mentally ill, and nobody is doing anything about it. Could their family, friends, co-workers, neighbors not see it? Obviously, if they were sane, rational women, they would seek the help they needed. So, why does nobody around them see the sickness and try to help?

There have been too many of these events over the last several years, some gaining more national attention then others. Susan Smith,  this Florida mom, this mom from New York..........

The saddest thing? Most of these took place in the last year. Did you let that sink in? Really? I know us moms get frustrated with our kids, loose our temper and can rage and scream with the best of them. But here is what separates us from the pack. We would never think of killing our children. Ever.

These women? Are sick. Need help. And it makes me angry that their children have to suffer. AND that we are turning them in to overnight stars, sensationalizing their trials and giving them, in some cases, top billing over other important national issues.

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