June 7, 2011

Cohabitation, Co-Parenting and Co-Mingling

Defined as "referring to an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long term or permanent basis in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship. The term is most frequently applied to couples who aren't married."

Yup, that's an accurate depiction of my current living situation. PB and I are not married, (and that is not something I am looking for any time in the near future, thank you very much!)

Now that I am officially "moved in", all my crap, and my children's crap has been boxed, bagged, sealed and un-sealed, and it's in PB's home, the real work begins. How do we make this house a "home"? A safe place for all the kids, for us and for everyone we invite in? After we get through the initial "where is it all going to go" phase, we will need to see what we do to make everyone happy and healthy.

Oi. That is a big thing right? How weird is it to have someone else around or involved when it comes to parenting your children? PB and I have had many talks about this. And I sat down with my kiddos.

It went like this: PB can ask the children to do things around the house, and the children need to obey house rules. If there is a disciplinary decision that needs to be made, I will take care of it. Same goes for PB's son. Not my job to correct his child. The children and PB and I need to all have a mutual respect and understanding of one another. And we are well on our way!

My stuff is touching PB's, PB's stuff is touching mine, and this house is exploding at the seams! It has been a long process, and is still in the works, but we are getting there. I had to get rid of a lot of stuff that I was hanging on to for no reason. Again, referencing the fact that I am a hoarder. And I have a LOT of stuff.

It has been a great lesson for me though to purge. With the help of CHB and Moxie, I was really able to let a lot of knick knacks go. I know I still have a lot, and I am sure I will need to purge more, but I feel like some progress has been made!

There is much left to be done. Doodle is excited to finally have her own room, and to decorate it, as any pre-teen girl would be! I will post some pics once it's all done...........

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