December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

With having to return the children to HeeHaw at 10pm on Christmas Eve this year, we decided to wake up Christmas Eve Day and celebrate it as if it was the 25th. The stockings were hung from the mantle, the gifts were wrapped and under the tree.

My mom, aka Grammie, had arrived. My sister had as well. (L.A. and her husband and 3 kids flew in from Virginia. Her husband has family here as well.) We had ribs for dinner and just relaxed around the table.

Christmas Eve Day dawned cold and rainy here, but that was no damper for the children! They actually slept in, until about 9am and meandered out of their room to see if the stockings were filled......

It took us 2 hours to get through the stockings and presents. We take turns opening gifts so everyone can see what every other person got! Here are some of my favorite shots:

Doodle and Lil C posed with the blankets my sister made for them

Here I am sporting the new headband my sister made for me. Love it! It has a very vintage feel to it.....

What kid do you know would be this excited to get a pack of erasers, shaped like a toilet, a plunger, a pile of poo and a role of toilet paper?????

D.G.K. Grammie and I had no idea what that stood for until Lil C gave us the low down: Dirty Ghetto King!! My mom bought the socks because she thought they were cute. Little did she know.........

After all the gifts were opened, it was picture time in front of the tree:
Grammie and Doodle

Grammie and Lil C

Grammie and her "grand happies"

Then, because we were still on our sugar high, wrestling commenced. Doodle and I unfortunately lost to Lil C.......... much to his delight. Check out his face!

As is tradition, the spice drop tree was put together:

Leave it to Lil C to make me laugh out loud! Doodle has a beautiful smile.......... oh well. More funnies to add to the scrapbook!

The only thing we missed was the reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", which is also an annual tradition for us. The children and I, along with my mom, had a wonderful time. I took them to HeeHaw at 10pm like promised. When I awoke on Christmas Day, it didn't feel like I missed out on anything because we had celebrated the day before.

The kiddos loved all their gifts, thank goodness! (I had a mini meltdown a few days before about this. Especially after hearing what the children received from HeeHaw and Lettuce Lady (the newest girlfriend) the weekend before. They had to celebrate early because LL was leaving to visit her folks out of state for the holiday.) We had a great time with my mom, everyone enjoyed their short but sweet visit with my sister and we had a great ham for our holiday meal. All in all, it turned out well!

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