September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

For the last weekend of summer, we decided to go camping. It was supposed to be our annual trip: CHB, Buchwacker, Moxie Crimefighter, Miss Em and her hubby Stands With Wood, Spice Rack and Corn Hustler. However, due to unforseen complications, this trip that should have taken place the first week of August, was post poned until Labor Day and 1/2 the crew would not be able to make it.

This was also a weekend I would not have the kids. Doodle and Lil C were headed to spend the weekend with the grandparents, as they do every year. They were gonna drive up to camp with me, spend the day, then I would take them to the grandparents.

I run around like a chicken with my head cut the entire day before we leave. Not only is there a car full of gear to pack but there is also open house for BOTH kids that we have to attend before we leave.

We hit the road Friday morning to camp. I am running on a caffeine high (2 triple mochas downed in less than 90 minutes) and we arrive at the campground at 10:30am. We are unloaded and set up within an hour. We make sandwhiches and head down to the beach.

Stands With Wood erected a tarp wall, see it there? It afforded us some privacy from the campsite next to us as well as shielding some of the wind that kicked up at night.

We head down to the beach, definately the favorite spot at camp. Since the tide was in, we were not able to go out on the rocks but the kids still had a good time. 


Lil C, Doodle and I on the path down to the water.

Here is the view from the shoreline:

The water looked like it was made of glass......... we took some group photos before we headed back to the campsite.

The kids played for a while longer and then I took them to their Nana and Poppa. I was glad they could come for a little while.

Caffeine high plus smore's time? This is what I look like:
Be afraid: very, very afraid.......

What camping trip would be complete without the morning coffee photo with my partner? The only thing this trip was missing, OTHER than my peeps was the coffee pic with Bushwacker......... All in all was a good camping trip. Sad that CHB was not there. Hopefully next year we can get the ENTIRE crew together.

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