September 9, 2010

Lil C Birthday Wishes

While at the campsite this past weekend, Dear Miss Em and her hubby Stands With Wood, or Woody for short, brought a little something for Lil C.

Miss Em always remembers every kid in the neighborhood for their birthday which is SUPER sweet. :)

This couple is truly in love with each other!

Here they are handing Lil C his card....

Lil C and Miss Em

Lil C and Woody

What better gift to give to a teenager than a gift card????? I am sure he will find exactly what he wants. Thank you Miss Em and Woody for thinking of the boy child.

***On a side note: I am so thankful to have children who are able to be polite and thankful to others when presented with a gift. At least I dont have one of those kids that is super ungrateful. We have all seen those before. Not fun.

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