September 16, 2010

Girl Fest

In light of the last post, I thought it was time I shared with you the F.U.N. we had a couple of weeks ago at GirlFest Seattle 2010. This was an amazing event put on by Girl Scouts of Western Washington and was ALL things G.I.R.L.

Here are some of the things that went down that day:  From rock climbing and sports to careers and science, girls and their families participate in hundreds of hands-on activities, try new things, and learn about resources and opportunities in our community. There will be hundreds of exhibits with information and opportunities to fit every girl's interests. Come discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together at this exciting event open to every girl! GirlFest admission includes all-day entertainment, featuring Disney recording artists, Josh Golden and Savannah Outen!

Doodle, CHB, PIA, HOW and I caravaned to Seattle together for this all day event. We proudly sported our wrist bands and walking shoes. PIA and HOW won backstage passes to the Radio Disney concert where they got to meet and greet Josh Golden and Savannah Outen!!!!

Making a bracelet.........

Meeting local newscaster Julie Francavilla

Doodle and I

Mmmmm, Auntia Anne's Pretzels.......

Doodle rocking the butterfly guitar!

PIA's jam session.

HOW is sooooooo cute!

We had a great time and the day ended with the Radio Disney Concert! CHB and I did not enjoy it as much as the girls......... PIA and HOW got to go to the meet and greet room and have a personalized autograph as well as a picture with Savannah Outen and Josh Golden.

Doodle and I waited at the bottom of the stairs and I bought her a CD of Savannah Outen.

We were there for 7 hours, and yes my feet gurt by the end of the day but I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see some other areas represented that we don't get to see that often. We got some great ideas for the troop and for our own fmailies. There were so many vendors and we saw several people from Mtown there. It was awesome how many girls there of ALL ages!!!

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