May 6, 2010

Marco? Polo?

Wonder where I've been?

Can't say I haven't thought about all of you and felt a wave of obligation to update you all........ but I have been to freakin' busy!

I have been busy working for the Census, which is so great! It is really interesting to get out and meet people and talk with them. So far everyone that I have knocked on the door of has been pretty friendly.....

Doodle and Lil C are immersed in soccer. Doodle plays Monday's and Wednesdays and Lil C plays Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lil C really likes being back in soccer after playing ball for so many years. In fact, he just mentioned to me that he would like to play fall soccer instead of baseball. Weird.........

If you remember from this post, Doodle did not make in to 10th Street school. (Update: we are currently 13th on the list since some kids went in to the Hi-Cap program. PIA is #11.) She now has the opportunity to go in to the Co-Op program at one of the 3 middle schools in Mtown. I went to the meeting to find out more info about it and when I presented it to HEE HAW he said no way no how.

I am so frustrated with this attitude. I honestly feel like this would be an AWESOME opportunity for our daughter: as a Co-Op program they get to take more fieldtrips; they get money thrown at them by the state; they get more personal class time - not only with the teacher but with the classroom parents. HEE HAW is so dead set against it that he will not even listen to the benefits of the program. I reminded him this was to be a joint decision and he said no matter what I said I would not change his mind....... hmmm. Interesting. So what he is telling me is this: since HEE HAW does not agree with me he is essentially making the decision for Doodle? HEE HAW replies, YES. Nice.

Now I have to figure out if this matter is worth the time or energy to go through mediation about. They have 3rd party mediators, for a fee, that will hear both sides and help settle the issue. Maybe that will motivate HEE HAW to listen since he would have to pay his portion of the mediator's fee as well as me! I will keep you all posted on where this goes.

In the meantime, cross your fingers for me that my relationship with Lil C improves. He is at a very impressionable age and testing the limits as much as possible. Does not help that HEE HAW undermines my authority every chance he gets.

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