May 19, 2010

Miss me?

Yeah, I have been thinking about you too. This has been a very crazy couple of weeks for me. I have my full time job, then my Census job, add to that the children's soccer, and the Girl Scout troop and activities AND trying to date: WHEW!

Since I have been out of the dating game for SOOOOO many years, there are so many things that feel brand new to me. (Truth be told, some of them are!) Here are some that I have a hard time wrapping my head around:

Why do guys assume ALL girls play head games?

If I can be honest and upfront, why can't you?

Being a modern woman, I want to pay for my share of the date. Why is it so hard for guys to accept that? Do they think just because I agreed to go to dinner, or grab a drink with them, that it automatically means they have to pay?

Should I call/text/email or should I wait?

Why do these things run through my head? BECAUSE I am a woman! As a good friend recently told me: it's not enough to be the one who gets a period; we also "get" to birth the children. As if that was not enough, we get to dissect and talk out all things men related to death!!!

Thanks to CHB for "guiding" me through this process. I know I should just listen to you in the first place, but some things I need to find out on my own. Sometimes just saying it out loud allows me to confirm what I already knew in my heart. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. Seriously!

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