December 3, 2009

Motorcycle Safety 101

Do not ride your motorcycle after the sun has gone down on a dark stretch of road when you promised your wife you would be home before the sun set. Please! Last night Dave, CHB's stepdad, gave us the scare of a lifetime. CHB gets the call that he has been in a motorcycle accident and is in the hospital. She runs to my place, we jump in the car and head down there. CHB's mom is stuck dealing with the tow truck and we got to the hospital before her.

Dave was awake and alert when we arrived. Turns out he broke his fibula and tibula in his left ankle. This will require surgery and a couple months of rehab, all the while he will not be able to work.

Now, I am super happy that he is still here with us and it is just some broken bones, scrapes and bruises, but FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY it is time to hang up the leather chaps, put down the helmet and turn in the keys before you kill yourselves. CHB loves you, so does the rest of your family, including me, and we want to see you around for a long time.

A speedy recovery to you.

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