December 10, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was very busy for us!
Friday Night: Lil' C babysat for some extra holiday cash. Doodle and I spent some "mommy and me" time together and she decided she wanted to make some sugar cookies. Seriously? I HATE making sugar cookies. They always turn out hard, you get flour all over the place and who really wants to wield a rolling pin anyway? I take the easy way out and by the pre-made sugar cookie dough. It was not as painful as making from scratch but I know this is only something I ever want to do once a year, swearing under my breath the entire time.

Saturday: Doodle and I head to Home Depot with CHB's other half and kids to make a project. Love that the people's at Home Depot do this for the kids for free. Today they were making a small wagon:

They look great don't they? Doodle and I picked up Lil C at home and then ran some errands. We ate dinner, bundled up and headed out to the hometown Christmas celebration downtown. There was no parade this year like in year's past (due to budget constraints) so we were mainly there for the lighting of the water tower and for the kids to take photos.

Here is my whole gang of peeps and the hoodlings. We had a great time, even though we froze our tooshies off!

Sunday: We lazed around the house all day, cleaning and doing laundry and watching tv. It was nice to be able to do that since we so rarely get the chance.

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