August 6, 2014

No-No Topics

Is there such a thing? Should there be such a thing?
There are a few instances in life where you don't WANT to talk about something. For example, your job. Like at a holiday party. You don't want to be:
A lawyer
An insurance agent
A religious figure
Unfortunately, I have one of those jobs. I love my job, but over the last 15 years, I have learned (the hard way) to wise up and not say outright what I do to people. Either who dont' know me, or I don't know them. If I over hear someone talking about a topic I am VERY familiar with, and they have the info completely ASS backwards, I try to not get involved.
First off, if you fess up to the job you have, you usually get two reactions. One: the other person launches in to a diatribe about how they were wronged and you are cornered for 30+ minutes. Two: you are looked at with utter and complete disdain.
But back to the topic at hand. I will talk to anyone about most anything. I dont consider that there are very  many topics in my life that are TOTALLY 100% off limits. That goes for my girl friends, my co workers or boss, my children, and whoever I am in a relationship with.
Of course, at certain ages, there were a few topics I would not discuss with my kidlets. I am not a complete moron. Now that they are older, I cant think of something I wouldn't discuss with them if they came to me. I may not be totally comfortable talking about it, but I am of course willing.
I guess here is what I need to know:
Are there really "off limits" topics in a relationship? Are there certain things I should NOT discuss with NiceGuy, but COULD discuss with CHB? Or Moxie? Or Jgurl? Or should those same topics be a no-no for everyone? 
I mean think about it. When you get down to it, there are a few HOT topics that push people's buttons:
So, in order to be able to talk about these things with your "people", what are the qualifiers? Do you have to have known them a LONG time? Does being family automatically mean you are disqualified from this conversation? Does being in an intimate relationship mean that you cant talk about these things either? Who has this master list of rules, and where can I get a copy?
Having this kind of conversation, and/or debate, I usually learn something. I think people can be respectful while still respecting the other persons difference in opinion. I truly believe the only time I am intolerant of others is when hatred is involved.
So spill it peeps. What else is on the no-no talk list?

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