August 5, 2014

I HAVE to take a break........

From writing about London. I have so MUCH other shit to say. Can you handle it? Rhetorical question. If you can't handle it? We can't be friends. K?
Did you know that Lil C turned 18 last week? That's pretty trippy. I am as old as he is when I had him. Whoa.
We are now stuck in the this weird limbo. He wants to be "treated" like an adult. But at the same time, wants all the liberties afforded to him when he was 17. Ugh.
How am I supposed to balance this? It's not like I can all of a sudden turn off the "mom" or "parent" hat. I feel this internal tug of war.
Where do I let him be an adult? And make mistakes? Where do I offer guidance? When do I yell at him? (Oh come on, you know he deserves it if I have to yell.)
It is still MY home, and whether he chooses to stay, or split time between Heehaw's house and mine, there are still expectations I have. Like keep your room clean. Pick up after yourself and your friends. I don't think that is asking too much.
If he doesn't like it, he can get his own place right? Lil C and I go round and round about this. I don't understand what is hard to compute here. Seems pretty straight forward to me. Of course to Lil C it's all ridiculous.
For example: I told him the other day this was the last time I would do his laundry for him. Lil C was shocked. Like actually shocked! He wanted to know why I did Doodle's laundry and not his? I explained that she helps with the laundry, AND she is still a kid. He wants to be treated like an adult? Then he can do his own laundry. OR he can pay ME to do it for him.
Yeah, that went over like a box of rocks.
I am sure this is some kind of test to make sure my blood pressure meds are working. Or, karma's revenge. Since I was such a shit myself at this age. I don't know how my mom didn't strangle me. Seriously. This payback shit sucks.
Mom, did you give him ideas? Or is he just another dumb, immature, unwise teenager who thinks he knows everything? Please tell me he will grow out of this. That I have done ENOUGH to teach him how to be a man. 

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