August 1, 2014

London Day 5

Another early morning. Up at 630am. Cursing the alarm clock. Wake all the girls, shower, get dressed and downstairs by 8am for breakfast.  After packing a sack lunch, and morning flag, we grab our gear and hit the pavement.
Today is Harry Potter Challenge Day. Hell to the Yeah! One of my bucket list items? Platform 9 3/4. I have read all the Harry Potter books, 3 times over. I have only seen the first 3 movies (and half of the 4th).
Today we will be visiting several HP sites and I am jazzed! First stop?  
The LARGEST train station in the world. Someone in line with us described it as 3 times bigger than Grand Central Station in NYC.
So the line was LLLOOONNNNNGGGG. Like we waited an hour and 10 minutes to get up to the photo op. Worth it? Oh hell YES!
This is located in the middle of Kings Cross Station, and they employ people to keep the line under control, and so it doesnt block the rest of the train traffic.
They also employ people to take professional photos (if you so desire). The photo op itself is free, and these employees help you don all the props. They want to make your personal camera photos look as good as the professionals. They even gave you tips on what makes it look more realistic.
I couldnt WAIT to put on the Gryffendor scarf, HP glasses and grab a wand to pose for my photo! I felt like a little kid in a candy store....... HIGHLIGHT of the day, and it was only 1030am!
I posed for a photo with my Doodle as well. So cute!
We went in the gift shop, and I got some trinkets and souvenirs to take home. I wanted to buy almost everything in the shop, but I restrained myself. It was really hard......

Next up on the HP tour? Trafalgar Square
This site was used for the world premier of the final HP movie. There was 3/4 of a mile of red carpet laid out linking Traflagar square to Leicester Square. People camped out for almost 3 days to see all the actors.

Its situated in a very bustling part of town, and there are people everywhere.

This is also home to the worlds smallest police station. Which I did NOT get a photo of. Damnit. There are statues:
A beautiful fountain

Sidewalk chalk artists

Street performers

Live music and great people watching! We stopped here to eat lunch and enjoy the sights around us. We made our way over to Leicester Square.
All of the other HP movies premiered in this square.
Of course Monkey had to see it too.......
We stopped at M&M world as well. It was OVERWHELMING. I could have spent a LOT of time in there. All it really did was make me miss my Pops. So I didnt buy anything.
Next stop? Scotland Yard and the home of the Ministry of Magic building.

There it is!
Doodle is standing in the exact spot that "Ron Weasley" did in the movie. Cool right?

We walked a little bit more until Millenium Bridge came in to sight.
We climbed up the stairs to walk across the bridge. These little bits of "art" where all over the bridge.

Its a very futuristic looking thing in the middle of all these old buildings.

The river? Super dirty looking. Anyone for a swim?
Next up: Diagon Alley
We walked through these quaint little streets, and then bam! We were right upon it! Of course, due to some amazing CGI this area looks much different than in the movie.

Literally across the London Bridge and down a flight of stairs was.........
The Leaky Cauldron.
Which is actually an optometrists office. A blue door. Hmmm.

We went back towards Trafalgar square to eat in a pub. I had steak and ale pie. It was pretty good!
Our last stop for the night?
The theatre. To see WICKED! I was really looking forward to it. We changed clothes and headed in to the theatre.
Doodle and I are ready for the show to start!
Most of the girls and I.
It was a GREAT play and I highly recommend it! Sarcastic, serious, funny and all around enjoyable.

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