September 27, 2013

September 2013 Week One

As if all the crafting we got in for Labor Day weekend wasn't enough, I added a few more things to the last free weekend before school started.
First stop? Saturday morning walk along the waterfront with JGurl.
With a dual purpose! We got our 3.1 mile walk in so we could enjoy the local farmers market guilt free!

Look at all the people out enjoying a the first sunny Saturday morning of September.

Yummy and colorful veggies.......
I got lots of goodies.......... including what you see above. Dips, seasoning mixes, Apple Chipotle mustard, yum yum yum!
We also went to the Value Village in search of jeans for Doodle. Everything was 50% off Labor day. She tried on about 24 pairs of jeans.......... 3 fit just right.

Check out the stellar necklace she got as well! Total after tax? $18

Want to know what else was $18???? ALL of these school supplies at the Fred Meyer and Rite Aid combined!
6 Composition notebooks
5 Spiral Bound notebooks
2 Reams of lined paper
5 Pocket report folders
1 pack of dividers
Mini Staples
1 pack EACH mechanical pencils and regular pencils
1 Pack highlighters
1 package of index cards
1 2inch binder
Wot woot! Can I hunt out a bargain or what?
I had the Tuesday after the holiday off, and I took a little time for myself. Went and got a pedicure with Jgurl. Then, picked up Doodle. We had to complete this process.........
So, Saturday night, we dyed her hair back to the original color. She was definitely tired of those blonde highlights she had begged for just months before.....
So, Tuesday we took her down and got her hair cut. She couldn't stand to grow it out anymore!
Great Sign!
She is in the chair....... look at all that hair!
And the after! Isn't she adorable?

That night, being the night before school started, CHB, Moxie and I had a few cocktails to toast the kids going back to school, and the end of a great summer!
Here is what I came up with to mark the occasion:
Twas the night before school
and all through the house,
not a child was stirring,
Not even a mouse.

The children were tucked,
in their beds so snug,
while the parents were drinking, ...
and cutting a rug!

Back to school,
back to school,
they shouted with glee!
As the time was near
for the children to flee.

To the bus, to their desks,
To the classrooms they go,
as the parents all shout,
Off to school you go!!!!

The summertime bickering,
Fights escalating so fast,
“I’m bored, there’s nothing to do”
All a thing of the past!

Settled in their classrooms,
Busy as little bees,
The parents rush home,
For MTV and Martini’s!

What is the sound,
That across town you hear?
Parents far and wide,
Releasing a cheer!
Tuesday morning dawns cold and foggy, and the kids are required as usual to stand outside to get the "First day of School" photo.
I told them to pose like they were really upset. Lil C had NO problem with that! Doodle on the other hand was excited for her first day of HIGH SCHOOL!
Aren't they the cutest?
I drove Doodle to school on the first day. On the way, we got caught in a parent/teacher/schoolbus traffic jam, so we did what any other person would do.
Chinese Fire Drill! Happy First Day of School! 

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