September 23, 2013

128 days to go........

As you know, the end of January I was a single woman.
In March, I started to dip my toe in to the dating pool again. So soon you say? Well, that ought to tell you how over the relationship with PB I was, before I even recognized it.
After some hairy dates, rough phone conversations, and one crazy ass mother fucker, I was ready to give up. Seriously.
I had talked with my friends about it. I thought maybe it was time to take a break. Try something different.
And then HE popped up.
He sent me a message on a Wednesday. I chose to ignore it for almost 2 days. Truth be told, since the message came from the very place I was wanting to distance myself from, I was a little scared. (Read this as: No longer accepting bat shit crazy in my life.)
I waited until Friday to even READ the message. When I was done reading the message, I thought to myself, maybe? He doesn't sound crazy, he can spell and use punctuation correctly, and he had obviously taken the time to read what I wrote on my profile.
So far, he was in the "plus" column. So, I decide to respond.
GREAT decision on my part.
Pretty much from the get go, its been non stop chatter between us.
And I was leery. But he won me over B.I.G. time. Which is a huge feat. Because I wasn't expecting much.
My Music Man
It has been a whirlwind romance. And it has been awesome!!!


he got laid off from his job. The poor guy. He looked high and low in the area for a job. Then he expanded his search to the United States. No such luck.
So what did he find? A job working as a civilian for the military. Know what that means? This job takes him out of country. For a YEAR.
So, knowing this date was looming on the horizon, we spent the entire month of July and the first couple of days of August together.

Kerry Park, Seattle
Lower Pike Place Market, Seattle
It was a lot of fun, although bittersweet.
Knowing that he may only be able to visit home ONCE during the YEAR he was to be gone. UGH.
It has been hard to acclimate to being alone again. Especially since we spent almost every waking moment of the last 5 weeks together before he left.
I miss him. Terribly.
He is coming home in 128 days! So, we count down until then. Every day is one day closer to seeing him. Thank goodness for Facebook, email and iMessaging.
I cant wait to see his baby blues in person. Until then, I have pictures to remind me.
Belly Dancing Show, Mtown

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